List Building Tips, Part 2

Building And Using An Opt-In Form

Creating an opt-in form is an effective method of building a money-spinning email list. When site visitors subscribe through this form, it offers you ample opportunity to inform them about your product offering, any sales and discounts and hot deals that might interest them. It is also a great way of distributing an informative newsletter that will keep your audience engaged with your business.

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In creating your opt-in forms, inform your site visitors what kind of information they will receive when subscribing to your newsletter. Ensure that your opt-in form makes use of visuals that will give site visitors a vivid impression of what they are signing up for.

In your free newsletter, be sure to make the content valuable and focused on meeting the needs of your target audience. For example, offer your audience tips, guides and new information that they can use to solve their problems. Remember to include a teaser statement that lures site visitors to offer their email contacts.

In creating an email list using opt-ins, make sure that you give out as much free information as you can. However, you must have your eyes on quality otherwise, site visitors will be very hesitant to offer their email information. You can offer opt-in gifts in the form of free PDF reports, e-books or whitepapers. Alternatively depending on your message and target audience, you can create videos or webinars and offer them free of charge.

To really develop a lucrative email list, you need to put daily effort. This way you will be able to gather a decent number of quality leads, eliminating the tendency to rely on the same leads for too long.

A great tool to use in creating opt-in forms is Wufoo. You can create an opt-in form that pops up on your website-landing page and that allows customers to find out what you are offering and why they should subscribe to it. Wufoo has a free model that allows anyone free access to their tools such as form creation. Once you create the form, it is easy to import it to your website. Wufoo gives the option of embedding the form within your site or placing it as a popup window on the website.

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