Introduction to Online Marketing

While traditional marketing and advertising strategies are still relevant, the Internet has made it much easier to build and market your business at much lower costs. More businesses are creating an online presence due to the revolutionary Power of the Internet to connect them with their customers. With the Internet, you can now lower your cost of operations, easily find new customers and improve your business bottom line. There are more than 2 billion Internet users across the globe, who serve as a great pool of potential customers.


Obviously, your business cannot cater to all the Internet users, but you will be exposed to more customers than if you didn’t have an online presence. There are low barriers to entry in building an online business. This makes it easy for even the smallest business to set up successfully and to manage a profitable business. Admittedly, the initial setting up might require some investment on your part, but this is much lower than setting up a brick-and-mortar store. Some of the basic costs that you will incur include development of a website, search engine optimization, and perhaps online advertising. As you settle in your business, you will learn how to manage these aspects of running an online business, thereby saving a significant amount of money.

Finding the right customers and connecting with them to establish a long-term relationship is important to every business. However, this can be costly and can negatively affect a business’ bottom line. Yet the Internet is a social community, in which you can easily find where your customers are, connect with them and convert them into buying clients. Businesses with an online presence are leveraging the power of social media networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Linkedln, Google+, YouTube and Pinterest to engage with their customers. Using these effective platforms costs nothing, yet the returns can be significant for both big and small businesses. You will be surprised by just how many people are willing to do business with you when they can find you online.

Marketing and advertising take up a large chunk of a business’ budget. However the Internet has made it so easy to market your brand and product offering at a much lower cost and even for free. Most of the marketing channels are free to use or will not cost you much. Compared to offline advertising, online advertising does not require heavy investment. The ads are targeted and are more likely to have a greater ROI (return on investment). Today, it is possible to boost your marketing campaign by developing and giving out incentives that do not cost you anything, but help you to reach out to your target audience. Internet technology has made it possible to reach out to a larger audience by allowing you to create webinars and videoconferences at almost no cost at all. In this way, you can market your products and at the same time connect with your audiences regardless of their location.

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