How to Plan, Part 5


Like domain names you may choose to have free or commercial (paid for) web-hosting services. There are numerous web-hosts online offering free hosting services. Equally, you will find web-hosts who charge a fee to host your website. There is no perfect web-host. Just because you pay a lot of money to have your site hosted, does not mean that you are guaranteed to receive better services. This is why it is important to go with web-hosts who are better known, instead of obscure hosts. On the contrary, if you pay little or nothing for your hosting services, you cannot expect superior services and support. Most major domain providers will offer you a web-hosting plan. Essentially, you need to buy a web-hosting plan and then receive a free domain name.


Advantages And Disadvantages Of Free Web-Hosting

Free web-hosts provide you with a fixed bandwidth and space to publish your site, usually in exchange for advertisement space. Some free web-hosts include Google and local ISP providers; the greatest advantage with free web-hosting services is that you will not incur any costs and because you are just starting out, you have the space to experiment with your website at no cost. However, with free web-hosting you get very limited space and bandwidth, thus you cannot install too many widgets software. The domain name you receive from a free web-host will most likely not reflect your business and will be too long. You will also be limited in terms of designing the outlook of your website and there is no back up for your data.

Advantages and Disadvantages Of Paid Web-Hosting

With commercial web-hosting services, you will need to invest a small amount in exchange for the services. This is not necessarily a disadvantage given that the amount you pay is minimal compared to the benefits that you receive. You will receive enough space and bandwidth; you can choose whether the hosting provider will place ads on your site. Your data is also backed up and secure, you get access to free software including shopping carts, forums, blogs and much more. You may also use your own domain name. Most web-hosting providers will offer you a free domain name when you purchase a web-hosting plan with them. As a business, it is strongly suggested that you invest in a paid web-hosting service.

Some popular domain name providers and web-hosts include:

GoDaddy: offers free domain registration with the purchase of a web-hosting plan. GoDaddy also offers a free website featuring five pages based on their templates. You will get access to blogging widgets, an email account, a photo album tool and 1GB storage.

NameCheap: offers some of the most economical domain name and registration services. They also offer you a free email account, free and personalized domain parking, free domain forwarding and URL transfers. The customer service is also very reliable.

HostGator: like GoDaddy, HostGator offers free domain registration with the purchase of web-hosting services that will cost you $5 monthly. In addition to domain registration, you will receive hosting with unlimited storage and bandwidth. At an extra cost of about $13, you can have access to dedicated servers and unlimited domain names.

BlueHost: offers unlimited web-hosting and free domain. It also provides unlimited email accounts, hosting bandwidth and space, as well as templates and site builders.

1and1: offers both domain registration and hosting services that feature a five-page website. The company also provides a free email account, 2 GB storage, private domain registration for free, as well as free transfer of domains.

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