How to Keep Track of How Well You Are Doing, Part 2

Sources of traffic: you can determine how people find your site and track the keywords and links that bring people to your webpages.


Content information: you can measure how well your content is optimized for the search engines. You can also determine the most popular pages, how people reach these pages and how they exit.

Goals: this feature allows you to see user behavior and if it meets the objectives, you had set. Some trends that you can track include subscription rates, purchases and downloads.

Online commerce: you will be able to monitor trends such as the sale of your merchandise, revenue and other financial transactions.

Klout: is a tool that measures your influence on various social networking sites including Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and others. Klout has several features such as Klout Score that can help you measure the effectiveness of your social media campaign. High scores of 30 and above indicate that your campaign is effective, while a lower score below 30 means that you need to improve your social marketing strategy. If you hire a social marketing company, you can measure how well they are performing with regard to your social media campaign. This can help you determine whether it is still worthwhile to keep investing in this company.

If you are looking to enhance your Klout Score it advisable that you create compelling posts. People are more eager to share creative and interesting posts and the more they do, the high your Klout Score becomes.

Tweet Tweet Grade allows you to measure how well you are using the Twitter platform for marketing. A Tweet Grade is a percentage score determined by how effectively you implement Twitter best practices for business compared to other graded Twitter users. Some factors that affect your Tweet Grade include the number of followers you have, the influence of the people who are following you, the number of people that you are following, how well you update your network and how often your network shares your tweets. is yet another tool that enables you to track the impact you are having with your social marketing campaigns. This tool display data in graphs and charts representing trends in major social networks including Facebook, Twitter, Linkedln, Google+ and YouTube, and allows you to see the mentions that you are receiving across social networks. Signing up for an account is free. Then, add your profile and a link to your site or other social networking platforms and then measure the impact that you are having on these networks.¬†(now Tailwind): is an analytic tool that allows you to measure your business’ influence on Pinterest. PinReach offers insights on various statistics about your account including the number of pins and repins, how many people liked your pins and the number of followers you have. Other metrics that you can access pertain to the comments and community boards. You can set up your PinReach account through your Twitter or Facebook accounts or with your email address. Then, integrate this tool with your Pinterest account to allow PinReach to automatically aggregate data from your Pinterest board.

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