How to Keep Track of How Well You Are Doing, Part 1

Plenty of changes will take place in your online business on a daily basis. New people may visit your site, your social activity will vary from time to time, and different people will click through your ads. To keep track of how well you are doing and how effective your online activities are, you need to monitor and track growth. Depending on the metrics that you are looking to measure, various tools are available to you. Here are some to get you started:


Google Alerts: is a free tool that allows you track what is happening across the web based on a keyword of your choice. You can also use this tool to monitor where you or your brand are being mentioned across the web. Getting started on Google Alerts is simple. Head over to the main page here and then fill out the short form that allows you to create alerts according to your preferences. Add your company name and email, and then select the ‘Comprehensive’ and ‘as-it-happens’ options. After this initial set up simply use the platform by inserting a keyword that will generate the specific information you are looking to monitor. For optimal results, consider using phrases. This is especially applicable if you offer more than one product/service. Simply insert quotes around the phrases and you will receive alerts on exact matches.

Using negative keyword will enable you to narrow down your search and thus generate results that are more specific. This works by placing the (-) symbol next to a search word so that results that are not directly related to that keyword will not appear in your searches. This is especially helpful for example, if some of your products have a similar name to another object or person.

Google Analytics: allows you to track a wide range of data about you website, enabling you to make the changes that are required to optimize your site. Start by setting your Analytics account at the main page. You will receive a code to apply on your website HTML and then create a profile for your business site(s). Follow the systematic process that is availed to you; this will help you create a script to embed on your site. Some of the metrics that you can track and measure are:

Visitors: you can track the number of people visiting your site, their geographical location, their language, the browsers they use to reach your site and the number of times these visitors access you website.

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