Google+ Local, Part 5


Google Places Backend Currently Remains Unchanged


Google+ Local pages are indexed currently by the search engines. The G+ Local page will be replacing the Google Places pages on the main website. Don’t expect sweeping changes. Google Places and Google Maps will still be indexed based on previous placement, but future placement will be determined from the Google + Local pages in terms of search results- current SEO still works; it has just become Google+ Local now. As far as placing content such as photos and other items to your web pages, all you have to know is that instead of referencing your activities as Google Places, you should now consider them as Google+ Local.

This is not a big “game changer” as much as it is a call to become more socially interactive as a business owner. The focus is pretty much the same however. Make sure your business is posted properly and continue to do the rating and review monitoring as usual. It is also important to this process that a business owner uses the ‘Manage this page’ feature on the Google+ Local page to “claim” their pages and manage their listing to cooperate with this transition. Once a page has been claimed this feature will disappear and be replaced by a ‘check mark’ icon next to the page name on the top of the Google+ Local page.

Clicking the ‘Manage this page’ sub tab at the bottom of the Google+ Local page will actually bring you to the Google Places page for that listing. So Google Places has not been eradicated. It simply took a back seat to the new processes of the Google+ Local pages. It is operating like an engine in the background powering a lot of previous data. In the months to come it will most likely fade out entirely. The overall strategies remain the same. But strategies need to be implemented in a more localized SEO process that is interactive in nature. Google is now interacting with your friends and your ratings and reviews and is asking you and others to do the same.

If you want to keep posted with all the Google + Local changes, you can request it on this page: update.

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