Google+ Local, Part 4

What Else Is On the Google Local Page?


Scrolling to the bottom of the page will reveal a variety of features on the Google+ Local page. Here are the main ones to consider:

a) a list of Zagat Users who have supplied reviews of their own

b) reviews from other search engine competitors such as kudzu, urbanspoon, tripadvisor, insiderpages, citysearch or superpages

c) an additional invitation to write a review

d) similar place listed along with their corresponding Zagat scores

What Do You Take Away?

The advantage you can take away is that by cooperating with the changes Google has made, you will experience positive results. Initially there may be a learning curve in the way sites are rated and reviewed. Expect these reviews to be sprinkled with G+ recommendations based on your privacy settings. The attempt for Google is to be similar across all platforms including mobile phones. Expect ‘Check Ins’ and ‘Geo Based’ results to show up on more and more search results on mobile devices and across all platforms on a daily basis. It is also interesting to note that Apple has just announced they will no longer add the Google Maps app on their iPhone, but will now be adding a software on the phones that they’ve developed themselves. As per a Bloomberg report, Google has 80 million listings compared to Apple’s 100 million, however Google Maps has currently over a billion active users.

Educate Your Local Market

How to educate your local market on using Google+ Local comes down to three main themes: it’s all social interactive now, there are new pages that you need to manage and it’s all based on Zagat ratings and reviews. The best approach to using Google+ Local is to do so in conjunction with all the other Google features. This is being “Google Friendly” so to speak. Combining your efforts with Gmail, Google Maps and Google Places and you will be rewarded.

Doing all the right things will place you in good standing with the search engines. Those who are gamming the system are going to lose out by seeing their rankings dwindle. Here are some things to consider:

a) your Google+ Local pages are tied around a Gmail account. Gmail accounts are most effective if the account name is keyword rich with the words or phrases that tie people back to your business.

b) your business’ name will be listed in bold blue letters at the top left of your Google+ Local page. Beside it in subdued hue will be the icons indicating your other Google activities. The square star-burst icon indicates your Google + page. The check mark icon indicates the page has been verified by the owner. When that has been done the sub tab (‘Manage this page’) on the bottom right of the page will no longer appear.

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