Getting Visitors, Part 6

Creating and offering QR codes can also help your audience stay in touch with each other and to be connected to multimedia resources. QR codes are like the barcodes used in retail shop. You can use tools such as goQRme to create a QR code that connects users with each other and to websites, text messages and phone numbers that might be relevant to them. Users of your QR code can share content as diverse as ebooks, video and audios and links to webpages. You may use a tool such as Likify to create QR codes that connects users’ mobile users to a like’ button on your Facebook interface. This simplifies the process of linking your audience with others on Facebook. You can use QR codes at the back of business cards, marketing materials, restaurant menus and retails receipts.



Testing your product before you launch it gives you insights into how well your target audience will receive and respond to the products. User testing tools such as Mechanical Turks allow you to spend little money to gain detailed information about your product.

Mechanical Turks (MTurks) is a tool offered by Amazon that allows businesses to conduct a semblance of surveys to determine the effectiveness of a product. By submitting tasks to a group of people (also known as Human Intelligence Task) or surveys, you will be able to receive feedback that you cannot otherwise receive from computer-generated information. In return, you pay the users a small fee for each question they answer. For you to be successful in testing your product with MTurk, it is recommended that you make your tasks or surveys precise.


Video interviews are an affordable and effective means of interacting with your clients. One such tool is Skype, a communication software that allows you to communicate with others via video, regardless of the geographical location.

Another tool that you can use to hold free conferences online with clients, business investors or associates is freeconferencecalls. The tools will save you a lot of overhead costs while at the same time staying interactively engaged with your target audience.

To make the most of these communication platforms, ensure that technical aspects such as Internet connection, cameras and headphones are in place.

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