Getting Visitors, Part 5

Advanced Tips

Contests, surveys and loyalty programs can be an effective way of encouraging online conversation and creating buzz for your business. Make use of contest to generate feedback from your customers and to improve your return on investment for your online marketing campaign. You can also expand your email list by holding these contests and surveys.


As you get started with your online contests, ensure that you set out goals concerning what you want to achieve from the contest. You should hold a contest because you want to enhance a certain metric such as improving sales, increasing your Twitter followers or Facebook fans, gaining greater visibility, just to mention a few.

Also, think carefully about your target audience and the type of contest that might really engage them. Are they tech savvy, what their age group is likely to be and what are their interests and likes. These questions will enable you to attain the contest’s goals while at the same time engaging the participants. Additionally, ensure the ultimate prize is something that your target audience would anticipate to win.

Some tools to use in conducting online contests are Cubio, Strutta, and Votigo.


Consider using online surveys to engage with your customers and to show them that their feedback is important for the growth of your business. Online surveys, if well constructed, can serve as a source of detailed feedback. Keep the online surveys short to genuinely engage your target audience.

Make use of free online survey tools or commercial ones, depending on the extent of your survey. SurveyMonkey is free for up to 10 questions and 100 responses per survey. It is a good tool to use as it allows you to create surveys related to your business and target audience in just a few minutes. You can then view the results in graphical presentation, and in charts. This platform also gives you access to an audience that you can survey, according to your niche and the goals of your survey.


Online loyalty programs can be a valuable method of engaging customers in your business by rewarding them and encouraging them to become repeat customers. For you to have success in your loyalty program, you need to determine customers’ value before you can engage them in the loyalty program. Nevertheless, the bottom line is that the customer value is how much profits a customer brings to your business and thus how much efforts and resources you should put in attracting them and retaining them. An excellent platform to start with your loyalty program is Punchtab.


Sending out a group message is a cost effective method of communicating with your target audience. It also allows those in your group to send out messages to each other and to easily reach the wider group. This is a great way of keeping the audience engaged and up to date with relevant happenings. You can send messages as diverse as incentives you are offering in your business, a call to action or simply a reminder about an upcoming webinar.

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