Getting Visitors, Part 4


Webinars are a great and interactive method of engaging your target audience. They not only educate, but they also entertain the audience. In fact, webinars can be more effective in sending out a message and interacting with customers compared to a site that features just textual content. Even as you interact with your audience, webinars can help you in your marketing campaigns albeit subtly. Webinars have a way of engaging those who are really interested in your niche and the subject that you are presenting to them. If you are successful in engaging your audience in this way, then it is likely that you will shorten the sales cycle.


GoToWebinar: is a helpful tool that allows you to hold online webinars and to interact with your audience regardless of their location. To get started, you need to download the software from the official site, and then begin to create your webinar from there. When using this platform you will start by entering information about what the webinar is about. Then, go ahead and invite your target audience to attend the webinar; you have the option of sending them invitations through email or you can get creative by linking the invitation to the social networking sites that you participate in (Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Google+, etc.). GoToWebinar allows those you have invited to register to attend your webinar online. There is also a feature that enables you to remind your attendees about the webinar. You can even test your online presentation before airing it.

Google+ Hangouts and specifically Google Hangout on Air is also another effective tool to use in hosting live video conferencing. On this platform, you can broadcast your presentation and engage with as large an audience as you want. When the presentation comes to an end it is automatically saved into your YouTube account from where you can edit the video and then publish it and share it on YouTube. From your YouTube channel, viewers will be able to share the video across the web.


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