Getting Visitors, Part 2

Social Media

Social media is an essential component of making your business and yourself more available to your target audience. More and more businesses are using these platforms to gain visibility and to interact with their potential and existing customers on a more personal level.


Use Tumblr as both a microblogging and social networking platform. It is free and easy to join and you can get started posting short blogs pictures that are related to your business and relevant to your target audience. Tumblr allows others to follow your posts and share them with others on the same platform and in other social networking places. You too can share other people’s Tumblr and give them feedback.

Facebook is one of the most popular social networking platforms with over 1 billion users. Facebook is a good place to get started in making professional contacts, to reach out to your target audience and to make them aware of your site and your business. As in other social networking platforms, ensure that your Facebook profile is complete and that it tells about your business. Follow up with those in your Fan Pages and do not hesitate to bring them back to your site.

Another valuable tool that you want to use is TweetAdder. In addition to signing up with the Twitter platform, you should consider using this tool in managing your Twitter followership and the messages that they send to you. TweetAdder can add up to 100 people into your account, allowing you to grow your following and thus remain interactive with like-minded people. The tool also enables you to send your follower automated messages but in a way that will not annoy them. This is particularly helpful as it saves you time, but allows you to stay in touch with your audience.

Other social networking platforms that you should consider engaging with are Linkedln, Pinterest, Google+, StumbleUpon, and YouTube.

Tools such as, backtype, Klout enable you to track the impact that your social networking is having. By using these tools, you can track the number of clicks that your URL receives from the social networking sites where you post your links. You can also track user activity with regard to how often they click the links on your blog. This give you an idea of what draws them to your site or blog and what type of content engages the readers.

Adding social sharing button to your site simply makes your content sharable across the social networking sites. The more people can share your content, the greater visibility that your site and business will gain. Remember that there are millions of users on these social networking platforms and today this is how businesses are being noticed.

Most social sharing sites will provide you with a code that you can then embed on your site’s HTML. This process is simple and does not require extensive HTML programming knowledge. Simply go to your site dashboard and begin to edit the HTML code from here; install the social sharing button for it to become visible on your site.

The best location to place the social sharing buttons is where they are visible and the site visitors do not need to scroll down to find the buttons. Also it is a good idea to use only those buttons that your site visitors are likely to click on. Find this out by analyzing your main source of traffic; if it comes from Linkedln for example, then you want to include a Linkedln share button on your site. Other essential social sharing buttons are Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Google+, StumbleUpon, and YouTube. To avoid cluttering your page with social media buttons consider using a service such as AddToAny or ShareThis. This will streamline the social media buttons and place them at one visible corner of your site.

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