Converting Your Visitors: Getting Inside Their Heads

Humans are selfish. Your visitors are selfish.

When your visitors visit your webpage, they wish to gain something.

They browse through the webpage, the content and then they decide whether the products or services that you are offering are worth their dime or not.

“What’s in it for me?” 


So ask yourself, “What do my visitors want?”

First of all, your webpage design is the face to your site and it has to be presentable.

If your visitors do not like  the look of your webpage, do something about it. 

A/B testing is a great way for you to determine the best look for your webpage based on your visitors’ liking. Refine and test your page regularly to achieve more conversions.

Remember, if your visitors are attracted to your webpage, they are more likely to stay longer in your page,

providing you a higher possibility of selling your products or services.


Now that your visitors have decided to stay and check out what you have to offer…. Figure out what will most likely be the reason that they purchase your products or services.

Studies have shown that the first 10 seconds is crucial in getting your visitors to stay and browse longer.

Still, though getting your visitors to stay longer is a great idea, it doesn’t mean you have to hard sell. In fact, hard selling in fact is proven to produce an adverse result.



Convince them to take the first step and that they have nothing to lose.

Let them know that you are aware of their concerns and get rid of their concerns by displaying credible statements, facts and research.

Credibility is crucial for any business in the world.

Provide testimonials from individuals that are relatable to your visitors or credible spokespeople such as bloggers.

Bloggers are potentially a bigger influence to your visitors compared to celebrities and this is why.

If you have worked with well known, esteemed organisations, put it on display.

Your experience and list of clientele will be able to assure them of the quality of your products or services.

People tend to be more convinced and they will want to be a part of something that others have already experienced.


Your visitors will be pleased to receive detailed product descriptions.

Provide the best video or image quality of your products or services exhibiting clear benefits that you know your visitors want to see.

Also, penny-pinching will get you nowhere. 

Add more value to your products and services by offering your visitors extra benefits.

Your visitors will enjoy little rewards like this.

It is understandable that you may want to save costs but these costs will definitely benefit you in the long run.



Apply the principle of scarcity and make sure your contents are easily accessible in the webpage.

Direct them into purchasing your products or service using the call-to-action element.

Your call-to-action should be fairly spread throughout your webpage and they should be able to direct them to wherever appropriate and relevant.

Keep it simple and clear. 


It is also proven that labelling works as a catalyst to your visitors’ purchase decision.

For instance, your visitors’ purchase decision may be influenced if you label them in statements like this:

“Smart consumers like you will definitely not let such a golden opportunity pass you by.”

Do you see what this statement is doing?

By labelling your visitors smart, you are able to make them think that purchasing your products or services is a wise decision to do.


So, what else do your visitors want?

Just like you, your visitors only want the best.

Just like you, they do not like to wait. 

Offer fast shipping options and anything else that can save them from their nightmare of anticipating.

Most importantly, increase the speed of your site.

No one enjoys spending time waiting for a page to load.

Studies have shown that almost 50 percent of visitors prefer a webpage to load in less than 2 seconds and 40 percent of them will leave the page if it is not loaded after 3 seconds.

If you think that providing a large variety of choices to your visitors is a good thing – then think again.

Your visitors/potential customers will suffer from choice paralysis.


When too many options or choices are being offered, they will not be able to make up their mind, deciding not to purchase anything in the end.

So, limit their choice and display each choice’s unique characteristics.

Show confidence in your products and services with a long duration of return policy or even money back guarantee.

It will increase their confidence to purchase your products or services.

True enough, there may be customers that will misuse this guarantee and the number of refunds will increase.

However, in the long run, this feature will definitely benefit you.



Last but not least, be reachable and stimulate interactions with your visitors via social platforms. Do not be afraid to receive feedbacks and reviews from your visitors.

Show them that you want to improve. 

Constructive feedbacks will help you to understand them better and to further improve your webpage in the long run.



Remember after all the question is, “What do your visitors want?”

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