Building Your Website, Part 1

Here is how you can get started building your website:


Using templates offered by web hosts is one of the easiest ways to build your website. XSitepro is one of the most used site builders due to its ease of use. It is designed primarily for Internet marketers to make the creation of a website easy and to allow Internet marketers to create sites that have the functionality and layout needed to conduct business online. XsitePro allows you to establish AdSense ads within your site, allows for SEO functions, link management, navigation page updating, designing pop ups, establishing redirects and uploading the site.

HostGator also offers a popular site builder that might be more flexible than XsitePro. The site builder is free and here are the steps to use to get you started in creating your website:

Step 1: Select a template for your site from the ones available in the gallery. Choose one that will reflect your business, product offerings and brand.

Step 2: Decide on the types of pages that will feature on your website. HostGator offers a user-friendly interface that allows you to simple choose the page that you want for your site. It also allows you to edit these page layouts to your preference.

Step 3: Format and encode the content that you want featured on your webpages. The process of formatting and encoding is easy. You also have the space to include additional features to your context pages such as RSS feeds, shopping carts and other widgets.

Step 4: Preview your site and then publish it by simply clicking on the publish button. Your website is ready.

The use of customer management systems (CMS) such as, Tumblr or Posterous in creating websites is preferable as you can easily edit and manage the codes on these platforms. Both Tumblr and Posterous for example are very easy platforms to use to create a website. However, is the most commonly used CMS. The difference between and is that with you can’t change the PHP code or upload plugins and your site is hosted for free on their platform. With you need to buy your own web-hosting and domain. So I suggest going with and install the WordPress software. And you can configure your content management system to create a website instead of a simple blog.

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