A Great Example of QR Codes Done Right

QR codes are becoming increasingly popular among mobile marketing campaigns. Still relatively new, its use hasn’t been perfected yet, and many times I’m sure you’ll see random codes stuck in the middle of nowhere with a non-existent/weak/utterly pathetic call to action.

lego qr code

Quick lesson on QR codes.

Quick Response Code is the trademark for a type of 2D matrix barcode. Just like the barcodes on supermarket items but a bezillion times more complex. Originally invented by a subsidiary of Toyota, Denso Wave, to scan auto parts fast, now commonly used for advertising.

By installing an app, smartphone users can scan a QR code to take them to a URL.

Pretty basic stuff.

I know a lot of marketers still doubt the value of the QR code. But I found this campaign a while back and thought it was an excellent example of the potential that tiny square pattern can harness.

This campaign was designed for Lego. It’s pretty flawless, except that the site that the code brought people to was a desktop one and not mobile-friendly. But I’m willing to look past that. Just check it out.



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