5 Tips to Make Money through Pinterest

A few months back I wrote a post on generating traffic through Pinterest. I got a lot of feedback so I thought I’d take today to bring you tips on how to make money with it as well.

two birds

“Kill two birds with one stone”

What a violent saying.

Anyway, affiliate marketing and Pinterest aren’t usually a prime pairing in most people’s eyes. But I beg to differ.


Well for starters if you’re selling tangible products, Pinterest is a great way to display your goods.

And secondly, the social media platform is the perfect channel to drive traffic to landing pages and sales pages.

Meaning that you can absolutely sell digital products on Pinterest. Only that you have to be choose a niche that fits.

Personally I recommend parenting, child care, beauty and fashion.

Because the vast majority of Pinterest users are women who have cash.

So as long as your smart about your product choices, you only need to focus on getting your followers to click your affiliate links, and the sales page will take care of the rest.


Here are my top 5 tips to monetize on Pinterest:

1. Create Specific Boards for Specific Groups of Products

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If you’ve used Pinterest before you’ll be aware that you can have numerous boards.

I say use this to not only keep your market super targeted but also to help you categorize the products you’re promoting.

You can have one board on weight loss where you promote related products and another board on healthcare.

That way, your account makes sense and doesn’t look like spammy product promotions. Yet is still categorized neatly.

Also your market will be laser targeted and followers of one board will only see products that they’re interested in.

Easy right?

But you’d be surprise how many marketers out there who seem to forget about this little advantage that Pinterest gives you and instead just group it all into one board.

On a related note…


2. Post Content


Just as any website, Twitter or Facebook page. If you want to have a healthy following of people that will want to buy your promoted products, then you have to deliver value.

Don’t just post product images.

That’s lame.

That’s like posting back to back to back product reviews on your blog.

Who’d wanna read that let alone click on any of your links?

Mix things up a bit. Make it interesting for people to want to keep following you. That way when you do promote an offer, they’ll be far more willing to take a look.


3. Keep Your Boards Updated

images (27)

I know this is pretty tacky and will probably take effort and time but think about it.

If you don’t update your board with photos that are relevant to the product you’re promoting then I am telling you, you will be losing followers before you know it.

It doesn’t matter if you’re only promoting three products in that one board, just keep on updating. Find relevant photos and link them to the sales page.

I recommend updating at least 1 photo a day.

That way there’s always new people liking and re-pinning the photo and before you know it you’re getting new followers and gaining more traffic into the landing page.


 4. Use the Right Keywords


 I’m sure you’ve heard this before. And I’m sure you already know this. And I’m sure that many of you still aren’t taking this seriously.

To really get the most out of this business you have to use the right keywords.

Don’t just go spamming unrelated keywords on your pins. Be smart and tactful.

What’s the point of having 10,000 followers if none of them click any links and purchase your offer?

Personally I’d much rather have 1,000 followers who actually have genuine interest in your offer and are ready buyers.

So do some research, find out what keywords best suit the product you’re promoting and run with them.


 5. Link it Right

images (28)

 No, this is not redundant.

In any affiliate campaign you run on whatever platform you choose, always triple check your links.

There’s nothing worse than having broken links on your images.

For one, you’ll be missing out on potential commissions.

And secondly you run the risk of having a follower think you’re a scam and unfollowing you.

That means you lose both the commission and a customer.

So as obvious and noob as it sounds to check your links… Just check your links dammit. 



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