5 Reasons To Use Video Email Marketing

Have you been doing email marketing, and wondering if it’s possible to incorporate video content into it, instead of just boring text and pictures all the time?


After all, video is currently one of the fastest, most effective marketing mediums. On social media, sharing a video with your followers is a great way to increase conversions, brand awareness or to help educate people.

Well, it may be slightly tricky, but yes, you can embed videos in your emails to send out to your list.

In fact, 50% of marketers who tried using video in their email campaigns have seen increased click-through rates, increased sharing and forwarding, and increased time spent reading the email. 

If planned and managed effectively, video email marketing can actually be a pretty powerful marketing tool.

Here are some of the benefits you can get from a video email marketing campaign:

1. It gets across more easily.


Video emails hook viewers and speed up the engagement process. They draw viewers’ attention and are more likely to make an impact.

Your subscribers will also be more likely to find videos more interesting than plain text.

Customer engagement is one of the most important elements in a digital marketing campaign. Consumers now expect brands to communicate with them on a more personal level, with the rise in social media and email marketing.

Video email marketing is the epitome of this trend, bringing back the human element in marketing by allowing customers to connect a face to a name and see who they’re doing business with.

2. It saves time.

A picture may paint a thousand words – but if it does, then a video paints a million.

While plain text emails have to be kept short in order to hold readers’ attention (which often results in having to cut out crucial details), you can use a video to explain much more in the same amount of time, or less.

Imagine that you want to show off how a new product works, and have to somehow condense everything into one text email.

Now imagine that you just need to film a short video detailing the process, and send it out to your viewers. Which is easier and more effective?

Video emailing saves time for both the sender and receiver, and can give more information in less time, as well as make a complex subject easier to understand.

3. It’s viral.


Videos have the potential to go viral very quickly, and viewers tend to respond more positively to a product after watching its video.

The very nature of video marketing is such that it will allow your video to be spread across the web like a virus. That’s what makes video email marketing a good market penetration tool.

Just consider how easily a YouTube video can spread across the Internet like a wildfire…. That’s the possibility that your basic video email could turn into a viral video and be seen by thousands of people all over the world.

4. It maximizes brand saturation.

Cognitive scientists have discovered that most people tend to think in images rather than words. That’s why most people tend to remember visual information better, especially when animated, and with sound.

That means that people are more likely to recall information from a video they watched, rather than from reading a carefully crafted text email.

If brand saturation and customer retention are your goals, then video email marketing is definitely a powerful tool you can use to achieve those ends.

5. It’s good for SEO.

Video emails can actually help improve your Google search ranking.

This is because online videos can become popular and draw lots of attention.

That in turn leads to more sharing and interaction and social media, which will give you that SEO boost that you need for your brand.


If you do decide to get started with video email marketing, just remember that there is such a thing as “too much” of a good thing.

Video emails should not be used to substitute or accompany text and images just for the sake of doing so, but instead as a way to deliver a better experience than regular email marketing messages. 

Save video emails for opportune moments, when you want to “wow” your existing and potential customers. Plan out your campaign by studying web analytics and user engagement behaviour, in order to get the best results from your video email marketing campaign.

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