Why Bloggers Are Better Than Celebrity Spokespeople

If there’s one thing I’ve come to realize after all these years, it’s that if a product is really strong, it doesn’t need a celebrity to sell it to customers.

Celebrity endorsements are commonly used to enhance a brand’s visibility, but a recent study from the University of Colorado has discovered that for small business, it’s often not worth the cost.


For most companies, it’s pretty expensive to hire a musician, actor or professional athlete, and it doesn’t help that the endorsement campaigns can be difficult to measure.

So if you feel that your product needs a spokesperson, it’s a much better idea to hire someone more affordable, with a good track record who can provide you with better ROI.

Someone with a built-in community, good social reach, and real world expertise in brand collaboration.

That’s where bloggers come in.

But wait, you say. How can a blogger be more influential than say, Brad Pitt or Katy Perry?

Let me break that down for you:

1. New influencers

Times have changed. Celebrities no longer have the same power to influence consumer purchasing decisions the way they used to.

Meanwhile, bloggers have become some of the most powerful online influencers. More and more often now, consumers will look to bloggers before making the decision to buy.


  • 20% of women that use social media will be more motivated to listen to the recommendations of a blogger that they know/follow, while only 13% would listen to celebrity endorsements.
  • 53% of US blog readers (female ones, anyway) have purchased a product based on a blog recommendation.
  • 47% of US blog readers visit blogs for new trends and ideas, 35% for finding out about new products, and 1/4 for help in making purchasing decisions.

Those are all impressive stats.

When it comes down to it, consumers tend to trust bloggers more than celebrities.


Because celebrities are, in the end, being paid to say nice things about a product, and people know this.

Meanwhile, the most popular bloggers are honest and transparent when talking about products and services that they use, and are more credible because they repeatedly connect with their community. They’ve forged relationships with their followers based on trust.

That’s probably why blogs are now the third most influential digital resource when it comes to buying products/services.

2. Better ROI from bloggers

It can be tough to measure the return on your advertising campaign investment when you spend a couple million or so on a 30-second TV spot.

But sponsoring an online publisher (aka a blogger) will allow you to track your metrics.

A blogger with social media influence can amplify their role as a spokesperson in many different ways – and most, if not all of them can be tracked and measured, thanks to online tools such as HootSuite, SproutSocial or Google Analytics.

Bloggers are also much less expensive to hire than celebrities. The day rate can be anything between $5,000- $20,000, depending on the blogger’s experience and visibility.

And along with these much more affordable rates, bloggers can give your brand more in terms of trackable impressions, and even traditional media interest.

3. Communities


You can also benefit from the close ties that bloggers have with their online communities.

When searching for a blogger to be your spokesperson, you don’t just want to find someone with worldwide fame, you want someone who has the ability to connect well with people.

Online, marketing requires traction from communities that are active in sharing information and that learn from one another.

Also, you’ll need a spokesperson who can inspire trust. At the end of the day, trust drives action.

Celebrities, while famous, aren’t always able to gain your customer’s trust, and they most likely won’t have the kind of community influence that your brand requires.

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