Top 10 Tips to Create Engaging Review Videos

I love creating videos. 

In the bedroom. Out the bedroom. It’s all good. The tricky part is getting the lighting right…

Hang on… what was this post supposed to be about again?

Oh yeah. Review videos.


The thing about using videos to market products is that you can get a really high ranking very easily with long tail keywords.

Because Google owns YouTube.

And they give preference to their own kind.

I’m sure you’ve noticed when you Google something that in the top 5 search results you’ll find one or two videos.

If you don’t, then that screams PERFECT OPPORTUNITY TO GET RANKED!

images (10)

Remember that when you’re an affiliate for someone else’s product, the chances are that you’re one in several hundred, if not thousands.

Video is a quick and easy way to push you way ahead of the pack.

You don’t need to worry about SEO or creating backlinks to your affiliate site.

YouTube marketing is on a rise. And you need to be on it. 

In a nutshell all you have to do is create a review video of a product and add your affiliate link in the description and annotations.

Now what I’ve found is that the most common reason why marketers shy away from video is because they don’t know how to start.


So here are my top 10 tips to creating engaging review videos:

1. Do it!

go for it

The best way to get started is to get started.

Set up your camera or get a friend to record from a cellphone. Talk about whatever you want just to see how it feels.

The goal here is to get comfortable in front of a camera. And it’s not easy. I know. The first time I filmed a sales video, it took the entire afternoon. I wrote a script. Put notes on a whiteboard behind the camera. Got frustrated and pissy. Ended up speaking in Martian.

And I nearly threw in the towel.

So I took a breather.

Came back the next day.

And suddenly it was smooth sailing. 

Just go for it. You’re going to stumble and mumble the first few times. But perseverance pays off!


2. Critique yourself

images (11)

what a douchebag.

A lot of people cringe at the sight of themselves on film. But when you’re using YouTube videos as your marketing tool, you have to suck it up and watch your own videos.

If you’re not into it, nobody else will be.

The great thing about playing back your video is that you actually see the way others see you.

And that’s not such a bad thing.

Get used to the way you look and sound. Be comfortable in your own skin. Because it’s the only one you have.

And it helps if you’re as sexy as me.


3. It’s a little more than a conversation

images (12)

Yes, you want to be conversational when you’re giving your review.

But keep in mind that when you’re on camera, your message comes across clearer if you exaggerate your tone and expression ever so slightly.

I’m not talking Bold and the Beautiful kind of exaggeration.

Just imagine you’re speaking in front of large audience (which is what you’re actually doing), enunciate your words, pause after important points and watch your body language.


4. Perfection is boring, human is (something awesome)

images (13)

Yeah, I can’t remember the exact quote but you get my drift.

Everyone makes mistakes. Don’t feel you have to edit every blooper out.

I’ve found that when people are natural and speak from the heart, it goes a lot further than a scripted robot that spits out lines.

Adding that human touch will connect the viewer with you more.

Trust me. They’ll remember you. And unless you say something really stupid, they’ll probably like you more because of your mistakes.


5. Don’t talk about yourself

images (14)

Nobody cares about you.


Well ok, that’s mean. You can talk about how the product affected you. A little.

But remember that viewers found your video because they searched for something related to the product you’re promoting.

So focus on the benefits (and a little on the features) of the actual product.

Talk about what’s in it for your customer…

A better lifestyle, slimmer body, more money to do whatever they want etc.


6. Know what you’re going to say

images (15)

I’m not talking about a script.

But at least have bullet points of the main things you want to cover in your video.

There’s nothing more off-putting than some rambling person going round in circles about anything.

Your review video is meant to pre-sell a product so that viewers will get excited to click your link and hit that BUY NOW button.

My suggestion is to pick up on the main features of a product and go a little deeper into how it will benefit the viewer.


7. You don’t HAVE to be on film

images (16)

If you’re really camera-shy and really really really don’t want to be on film, or if you’re using a pen name, then there’s another route you can take.

- Record your audio then sync it to text and images (instant video)

- Hire someone to be in the video for you (hello

- Send your audio to an animator to create some magic


8. Interviews!

images (17)

Nothing converts better than social proof.

So conduct an interview with someone who has actually used the product to show that it works.

Or find an expert in that niche that will vouch for the product.

Whatever you do, don’t fake it. Not cool.


9. Show it to friends

images (18)

When you’ve completed your review video, show it to friends.

If they look bored, then you know you have a problem.

Allow them to give their honest feedback. Don’t get defensive.

If people who like you and have your best interests at heart think your video sucks, then imagine what strangers on the Internet will think.

Take their critique and amend your video.

By the way, 3 minutes max ok? Any longer and you’ve lost your audience.


10. DO IT!


Why are you still reading this?!

Go make your review video NOW!

Really. Just do it.

Stop thinking about it. Stop analyzing stuff. And quit making excuses.

Do it.

It’s not as difficult as you may think ;)

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