How to Build Your Email List Through Facebook

The money is in the list.

Yes it is.

That’s where mine is.

Now every so often I hear people discussing email marketing vs social media marketing.

As if they’re completely exclusive to one another and you have to choose.

They ask me which one is better, which one they should pursue, which one makes the most money.

I say there’s no law that states you can only do one. So why not do both?

Don’t put all your eggs in one basket.

It reminds me of the days when marketers relied so heavily on SEO to rank and make their money. Hello Google Slap, goodbye passive income.

I think social media and email marketing are a match-made in heaven and complement one another perfectly.

Don’t believe me? Check out these examples of Facebook promotions that nor only build your online presence and get fans to engage with your page, they also grow your email list.

Run a Contest

It’s not difficult to run a contest on Facebook. And you can do a myriad of different variations. Popular ones are captions, essay, photo or video entries. To get it viral simply state that the winner will be based on popularity by “Like” count.

That way you know contestants will be sharing and messaging and begging friends to like your page and their entry.

We’ve all seen it on our newsfeeds. And we’ve received the desperate wall posts. Maybe we didn’t react to it. But we certainly saw it.

Now to get that email list booming, all you have to do is set up a squeeze page as a custom app. In order to participate in the contest, people will be required to sign up to your list.

facebook contest

Promote a Sweepstake

So a sweepstake is basically a lucky draw. Submit your name for a chance to win. It doesn’t get any easier than that. Of course it helps if your prize is awesome. If all you’re giving away is a 3-page report on “How to Use an iPad” don’t expect too many entries. And for that matter, email addresses.


Hold a Trivia Promo

People love trivia. Especially on Facebook. It’s a place to chill, stalk hot girls, watch stupid videos your friends post on your wall and pass the time.

Trivia promotion has shown to be a great email list building strategy on Facebook.

Users have to fill in a few details then submit their answers to the trivia questions. Usually I find they just want to see how smart they are so they can brag to their friends later. Which is great. This brings friends into the equation and gets you more opt-ins. Some of them genuinely want a chance to win whatever prize is being promoted. Which is fine too.

trivia promo

That’s it for now children. There are a ton of other ways to use Facebook to grow your list. That’s the beauty of custom apps. You can pretty much create anything you want within the Facebook platform.

But I’ll go over more techniques another day.

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