5 Tips to Drive Traffic to Your Website With Twitter

Most of us would probably know that when it comes to getting traffic for your website or blog, social media is a pretty decent way to generate attention and bring people to view your page.

After all, who doesn’t have at least a Facebook account these days? (And probably accounts on at least three other social networking sites at the same time, while we’re at it.)

 In most countries, social media accounts for at least a quarter of the time spent online.

Statistics say that users check their social networking account 5 or more times every day. Social networking has really become a “social habit”, so it’s not surprising that people would use it as a way to bring more traffic to their personal website or blog.

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 So, the question becomes: How do we do this with Twitter?

 Twitter is easy to use but there is a right way and a wrong way to use it. If you mess things up, then don’t be surprised if things don’t go according to plan.

 Hopefully these suggestions will help:


 Tip #1 – Make sure your profile is interesting


As a general rule of thumb, the default Twitter egg makes you look like a pedo. So upload a picture for goodness’ sake.

If you haven’t already created a Twitter account, then do so, and you’ll find out that Twitter gives you a profile page where people can view what you’ve typed about yourself.

There’s a space for a short bio (about 160 characters), a picture or logo, a username and a website URL.

This is where people will go in order to find out more about yourself, so you’ll want to make sure they think you and your website are interesting.

Spice up your profile with an attractive background, and when filling in your bio, don’t be boring. Keep it simple… just not dull.

And make full use of the one link you’re allowed to put in your profile – link it to your awesome website, of course, where you want people to go.


 Tip #2 – Get more followers

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Who you follow and who you are followed by can make a difference to who visits your page. The numbers do matter – people would be more willing to visit a “popular” page rather than a page with little to no followers.

However, do remember that it’s not just numbers that matter.

Get the right followers – those who follow you out of interest and who find actual value in your Tweets.


 Tip #3 – Watch what you Tweet

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 Tweet regularly, but don’t spam – just make sure you are active and keep people interested without overdoing it.

You only have a limited amount of characters for your post, so plan what you want to say.

Learn to use Twitter hashtags and try to include relevant keywords and useful links in your post. Focus on building a culture, brand and community around your website.

You might also consider creating a unique branded hashtag for your website as well.


Tip #4 – Be nice

Be Nice

You won’t be able to keep your followers if you only have one-way communication.

Respond to Tweets, be nice and friendly, and feel free to build trust and relationships. Ask questions and encourage feedback.

As for criticism, be gracious about it, and respond politely.

And it doesn’t hurt to visit sites or links posted by others, as this increases the chance that others will do the same for you in response. Just be careful not to fall for spam or virus links.


 Tip #5 – Encourage sharing and connection

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Try to encourage your followers to retweet your posts and share your links.

If you need to, you can offer online incentives to get more people to retweet and link back to you. You can ask for retweets, but don’t annoy your followers by overdoing it.

Connect your website to your Twitter page and make sure it can be easily shared on other social networking sites.

Also, build collaborative relationships with others on Twitter – try to find thought leaders and influential people and connect with them.








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