5 Tricks To Boost Your Email Open Rate

Email marketing has become an essential part of engaging and targeting client and prospects online.

In fact, 97% of small businesses use email marketing to connect with their customers, according to eMarketer.

However, with so many emails being sent to people’s inboxes, the problem is that your marketing email would literally be one in a thousand. And subsequently, the chance that people will open and read your email would also be about that high.

For marketers, achieving a high email open rate is highly desirable – because without the “open”, you have no chance to “close” (i.e. make a sale, get the customer to click on a link or sign up for something on your site).

Here’s the thing – most people make the decision about whether or not to open an email based on the subject line.


So what you need to do is learn the 5 simple hacks I’ll be talking about here to optimize your email subject lines and boost your email open rate.

1. Keep it suited for mobile screens.

This is the age of the smartphone, and many people nowadays tend to check their email on their phones.

So when crafting your subject line, it’s best to think of how it will appear on mobile devices.

Iphones, for example, cut off subject lines at 35 characters.


If the text is too long, Android phones will “push” the text down to the next line.


Do some research on your customer base. In the US, the majority of email clients are Apple devices. In Asia, more people tend to use Androids.

Also, don’t just stop at the subject line. While you’re at at, assume that the entire email will be viewed on a mobile device, and optimize your email content accordingly.

2. Keep it short.

We already know that people are more likely to watch shorter videos. The same is true of email subject lines – the shorter they are, the higher the chances that people will click and open.

Subject lines with 6-10 words tend to have the highest click-and-open rates, while subject lines with 0-5 words had the second highest.

Take Obama’s email campaign subject lines, for example (remember I talked about it before?). These were some of the top converting ones that brought in the most donations:

  • Hey
  • I will be outspent
  • Would love to meet you
  • Change
  • The most popular Obama
  • Last call: Join Michelle and me
  • Thankful every day
  • The one thing the polls got right

I do encourage you to come up with your own, and test to see what works for your customer base.

3. Don’t try to trick your audience.


Never try to trick your readers with a vague or misleading subject line.

Most people want to read through their emails quickly, so at most they won’t want to spend more than 15 seconds or so reading your email.

Keep your subject line focused on one topic, and get to the point quickly.

4. Personalize your subject lines.

People tend to respond better to subject lines that are personalized. This can mean including the user’s first name in the subject line, or  using pronouns like “your” or “you”.

Some marketers also like to send out personalized emails based on the customer’s actions on their site, which can also work well.

Subject lines that include the recipient’s first name have shown to have a 16% higher open rate, and personalizing the first and last name had the strongest impact on open rates.

5. Research and avoid typical spam words.

You don’t want your email to end up in someone’s junk folder.

Also, some words just sound spammy or scammy, and you need to avoid them if you want people to open your email and read it.

Words such as “free” or “act now”, for example, tend to look suspicious, not just to spam folders but to your customers as well.


Putting your company’s or newletter’s name in the subject line might also help – if people know the email is from you, they’ll be more likely to trust it.


There is no such thing as the perfect email or subject line, and there’s no one way of doing things that will guarantee the best results every time.

No matter what, you need to test your email subject lines and see what works best for you and your list.

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