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4 Content Marketing Ideas For Vine

With all the photo/video sharing apps out there today, Twitter’s Vine – launched last year in January – has almost (but not quite) been forgotten. Despite facing competition from Instagram and other emerging platforms like Snapchat, Vine still managed to be one of the most popular apps of 2013, and brands are still using it [...]

Tribeca Film Festival: Award-Winning Vine Videos

The Tribeca Film Festival was founded in 2002 and is renown for being a diverse international film festival that supports both upcoming and established directors. This year they did something really out of the box. I hate using that term “out of the box.” But in truth what Tribeca did is annihilate the box. There [...]

Vine: The New Video App on Twitter

Twitter added a new feature last week when they introduced Vine to their users. Basically Vine is a mobile service that allows you to create videos that last up to six seconds and will repeat on loop. Holding hands at Tilden park — James Buckhouse (@buckhouse) January 24, 2013   The app is rated [...]

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