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5 Image Posts That Boost Social Media Engagement

If you actively post on social media, one thing you may have noticed is that posts with images will almost always get more engagement than posts without. Why? Well mostly it’s to do with how the newsfeed algorithm gives weight to image/video posts… see, content may be king, but visuals rule. On social media, an [...]

4 Tips For Increasing Customer Loyalty

Notice how almost every big Internet marketing “guru” out there nowadays usually focuses on teaching you how to grow your customer base… and says nearly nothing about retaining the customers you have? I mean, don’t get me wrong. It’s important to keep growing your followers and getting new customers. But that’s only half of the [...]

Finding Success With Facebook’s New Video Ads

In March, Facebook recently launched the video advertising platform that it’s been testing since September last year. As per usual with any new changes, Facebook’s rolling out the new feature to small batches of its users at a time, so if you haven’t noticed any video ads in your feed yet, you probably will over [...]

When Twice Is Better Than Once

Everyone knows that content is king. We’re publishing more and more content every day, to increase engagement, build brand loyalty, increase reach and get more traffic to our websites. As marketers, we take content pretty seriously. Yet still, it turns out we may not be getting everything we can out of the content we create. [...]

4 Content Marketing Ideas For Vine

With all the photo/video sharing apps out there today, Twitter’s Vine – launched last year in January – has almost (but not quite) been forgotten. Despite facing competition from Instagram and other emerging platforms like Snapchat, Vine still managed to be one of the most popular apps of 2013, and brands are still using it [...]

Why Bloggers Are Better Than Celebrity Spokespeople

If there’s one thing I’ve come to realize after all these years, it’s that if a product is really strong, it doesn’t need a celebrity to sell it to customers. Celebrity endorsements are commonly used to enhance a brand’s visibility, but a recent study from the University of Colorado has discovered that for small business, [...]

What Types of Facebook Posts Are The Most Contagious?

As marketers, we’re always looking for ways to help us build brand loyalty, grow relationships, and keep our sales funnel running smoothly. If your brand is on Facebook, this is easy…. through Facebook posts. Likes vs. Shares Which is more important – getting more “likes” or more “shares”? “Likes” would be better, right? If a [...]

5 Great Lessons From Whatsapp

After Flappy Bird, the next big news on the Internet is the current buzz about Facebook buying Whatsapp for $19 billion. (Yeah, that’s “billion”, with a “B”.) $19 billion for a startup app that’s just about 4-5 years old - Well played,  Whatsapp.  Now just about every other business out there is green with envy and [...]

How Brands Can Get Started With Snapchat

Snapchat: the app for people who know that a picture speaks a thousand words. What started as an app for people to send funny, sexy or silly quick pictures to friends has become the next big thing for marketers. Snapchat was the most downloaded non-game app globally in May 2013, and it’s been getting more [...]

Marketing Lessons From Flappy Bird

Now, don’t get me wrong. When Flappy Bird first became popular (more than half the people in the office were playing it and comparing high scores on an almost daily basis), I just thought it was a stupid game, one of those trending things like Candy Crush and Angry Birds and that minion game that’s [...]

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