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4 Ways to Use the New Facebook Cover Photos

Facebook’s Timeline was first introduced in February 2012 along with very strict rules for cover photos on business pages. The restrictions included no calls to action, no contact info, no price or purchase info and no references to Facebook features. Businesses were pretty much left with just an image. However Facebook has changed its mind [...]

Facebook Home: Turning Your Android Into Some Living Thing

Earlier this month Facebook introduced Home. According to them, it’s a “whole new experience for your phone.” Now why would a phone need a whole new experience? What was its past experience? Is it some kind of living orgasm? Sorry I meant organism. I mean, when I saw the update I couldn’t imagine what they [...]

How to Build Your Email List Through Facebook

The money is in the list. Yes it is. That’s where mine is. Now every so often I hear people discussing email marketing vs social media marketing. As if they’re completely exclusive to one another and you have to choose. They ask me which one is better, which one they should pursue, which one makes [...]

Epic Facebook Ad is Epic

Check out what I found the other day: Talk about an epic ad. Goes to show just how important Facebook is. Or rather how huge an effect it has not only on pop culture but everyday life. And I know some of you are groaning and complaining and thinking Facebook is going down the drain. [...]

Affiliate Marketing through Facebook

Facebook is one of the most underrated affiliate marketing tools. Yet I believe it is one of the most effective and easy to use. Which is why I want to share it with you right now. Choosing a Product The first thing I do is find an affiliate product with a reasonable commission. By reasonable [...]

Mobile Social Media Marketing, Part 2

Facebook Mobile Businesses need to come to the realization that Facebook for mobile offers a lucrative opportunity to interact with millions of potential customers. There are more than 900 million users on Facebook and the number continues to grow every day. Users upload over 300 million photos each month on Facebook. The role of mobile [...]

Location-Based Marketing, Part 3

Check-in Services Facebook Places Places, which exploits the success of apps like Foursquare allows Facebook users to let other users know about their physical location anytime they check-in to a location. This allows friends to tag and share with each other, making tagging and sharing on Facebook Places viral when compared to other platforms. Businesses [...]

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