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Facebook’s Newsfeed Algorithm: What’s New

So last Monday, Facebook tweaked its newsfeed algorithm for probably the bazillionth time. What changed, and why?  Well, this time, the changes are apparently to provide its users with better videos on the social media platform. Remember I told you about Facebook’s plans to start rolling out video ads? So now it seems Facebook’s trying [...]

All You Need To Know About The New Facebook “Ask” Button

Facebook’s getting to be a bit of a nosy old biddy… or rather, it’s giving your friends the chance to be one. Just last week, Facebook installed their new “Ask” button, which will allow curious friends to request the actual relationship status of their crushes – or friends who haven’t listed down their relationship status [...]

5 Image Posts That Boost Social Media Engagement

If you actively post on social media, one thing you may have noticed is that posts with images will almost always get more engagement than posts without. Why? Well mostly it’s to do with how the newsfeed algorithm gives weight to image/video posts… see, content may be king, but visuals rule. On social media, an [...]

Finding Success With Facebook’s New Video Ads

In March, Facebook recently launched the video advertising platform that it’s been testing since September last year. As per usual with any new changes, Facebook’s rolling out the new feature to small batches of its users at a time, so if you haven’t noticed any video ads in your feed yet, you probably will over [...]

What Types of Facebook Posts Are The Most Contagious?

As marketers, we’re always looking for ways to help us build brand loyalty, grow relationships, and keep our sales funnel running smoothly. If your brand is on Facebook, this is easy…. through Facebook posts. Likes vs. Shares Which is more important – getting more “likes” or more “shares”? “Likes” would be better, right? If a [...]

5 Great Lessons From Whatsapp

After Flappy Bird, the next big news on the Internet is the current buzz about Facebook buying Whatsapp for $19 billion. (Yeah, that’s “billion”, with a “B”.) $19 billion for a startup app that’s just about 4-5 years old - Well played,  Whatsapp.  Now just about every other business out there is green with envy and [...]

How to Deal With The New Facebook Algorithm

I know I recently did a post on Facebook, but in light of recent news, I thought I’d do a quick post on it again. Last Tuesday, Facebook tweaked their news feed algorithm yet again, adding yet another headache for brands in the process. From now on, they’re going to start showing more text status [...]

How To Handle Facebook Page Trolls

Now, nobody’s perfect. Not even me (which is why my resolution for this year is to be more awesome). But my point is, people (and businesses) make mistakes sometimes. But because the Internet is the Internet, it’s one of the worst platforms for people or companies to make mistakes. Ever. Especially if you’re on social [...]

6 Tips to Increase Your Facebook EdgeRank

You may not have heard of EdgeRank before. You know how when you do a Google search, Google sorts through the list of websites and only displays the top sites on the front page of search results? Well, Facebook does the same thing with posts on your newsfeed, but it’s called EdgeRank. An “Edge” just [...]

Facebook – Tips To Leveraging Photo Comments

Not sure if you noticed, but a couple of months ago, Facebook introduced photo comments for profiles, giving its users the ability to reply to comments with photos instead of just text. Before that, all you could do was post a link to an image and Facebook would show the image as a thumbnail. Not [...]

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