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How To Build Your Brand Using Instagram

Is your company on Instagram yet? If it is, you’re in good company. Seems that over 100 Fortune 500 companies like Nike, Starbucks, Ralph Lauren and more have all jumped on the Instagram bandwagon in order to build their brands. If not, then you probably should consider adding Instagram to your marketing arsenal. Brands have [...]

Social Media Fails Brands Should Avoid

I keep telling people that when it comes to social media, you need to engage with your customers and be aware of current events. From a marketing perspective it seems like a good idea to use things like local holidays or current events to encourage more real-time engagement with your customers, doesn’t it? But not [...]

Facebook – Tips To Leveraging Photo Comments

Not sure if you noticed, but a couple of months ago, Facebook introduced photo comments for profiles, giving its users the ability to reply to comments with photos instead of just text. Before that, all you could do was post a link to an image and Facebook would show the image as a thumbnail. Not [...]

Sharing on Social Media – Why and How

People share stuff on social media. It’s not exactly a new idea. Even before we had Facebook, Twitter and the like, people shared ideas and information, thoughts and stories. Now we have social media, we just get to share different things that we like more often, more quickly, and with more people at the same [...]

Getting Visitors, Part 1

Participating on the social web network is an effective way of publicizing your site and your business. Once you gain the visibility and the audience, it is a good idea to encourage conversations among them. Here are some strategies to use in making your site more interactive and opening it up to your audience. Directories [...]

Getting Visitors, Part 2

Social Media Social media is an essential component of making your business and yourself more available to your target audience. More and more businesses are using these platforms to gain visibility and to interact with their potential and existing customers on a more personal level. Use Tumblr as both a microblogging and social networking platform. [...]

The Future of Mobile Marketing

To harness the advantages of both traditional and mobile marketing strategies, it is best to integrate mobile into your traditional marketing efforts. One mistake marketers make, is to use marketing platforms in silos instead of using them as complimentary tools. This leads to an over-reliance on one single marketing strategy and neglecting other forms of [...]

Mobile Social Media Marketing, Part 1

The online market place is constantly experiencing changes in terms of technology and user preferences. As such, marketers must stay abreast with all these new trends to remain competitive and to stay relevant to their target audience. Only recently, social media marketing was, and remains one of the major advancements in online marketing. However, the [...]

SMS Marketing, Part 2

Types Of Messages a. Text-To-Vote / SMS Polling Text messaging services can be used to collect, assess and poll data. This allows audiences to vote through sending response SMS’s to any polls that you conduct. The type of feedback you seek once again determines the nature of your campaign. This type of SMS is effective [...]

Things You Can Do

The growing trends in mobile usage are inevitable. The rise of the mobile consumer has several implications for businesses. The truth is that marketers and brands who fail to effectively embrace mobile will miss the lucrative opportunity for customer engagement. The first steps when planning a mobile campaign are to check the type of devices [...]

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