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Facebook’s Newsfeed Algorithm: What’s New

So last Monday, Facebook tweaked its newsfeed algorithm for probably the bazillionth time. What changed, and why?  Well, this time, the changes are apparently to provide its users with better videos on the social media platform. Remember I told you about Facebook’s plans to start rolling out video ads? So now it seems Facebook’s trying [...]

4 Marketing Lessons From The 2014 World Cup

Whether you’re the world’s greatest soccer fan, or someone who doesn’t really care about the game at all, I’m sure you’ll have noticed that it’s currently World Cup season. “For 32 days, the whole world dreams the same dream”, as the Twitter ad goes. Some of you might think I’ve lost it a little. How [...]

The 4 Biggest Social Media Stumbling Blocks (And How To Resolve Them)

It’s not easy to consistently succeed when it comes to social media. Even with all the free information online, putting things into practice and actually managing to get engagement isn’t as easy as theory makes it seem. And what works for one business won’t necessarily work for another. So I have compiled a list of [...]

5 Advanced Tips For Content Promotion

I realize that I say a lot about creating content, but not much about promoting it. Content creation isn’t the end of the line. You want to get your content out there for people to see – and that process is known as content promotion: the act of announcing what your content has to offer, [...]

5 Image Posts That Boost Social Media Engagement

If you actively post on social media, one thing you may have noticed is that posts with images will almost always get more engagement than posts without. Why? Well mostly it’s to do with how the newsfeed algorithm gives weight to image/video posts… see, content may be king, but visuals rule. On social media, an [...]

When Twice Is Better Than Once

Everyone knows that content is king. We’re publishing more and more content every day, to increase engagement, build brand loyalty, increase reach and get more traffic to our websites. As marketers, we take content pretty seriously. Yet still, it turns out we may not be getting everything we can out of the content we create. [...]

How Brands Can Get Started With Snapchat

Snapchat: the app for people who know that a picture speaks a thousand words. What started as an app for people to send funny, sexy or silly quick pictures to friends has become the next big thing for marketers. Snapchat was the most downloaded non-game app globally in May 2013, and it’s been getting more [...]

Is Your Brand Too Boring?

We know that social media is probably the greatest tool ever when it comes to marketing your business online. However, some brands would argue that they can’t use social media, because: “My business is serious, boring stuff. I don’t think it’s suited for social media.” I’ll beg to differ. Traditional businesses can also find their [...]

How To Handle Facebook Page Trolls

Now, nobody’s perfect. Not even me (which is why my resolution for this year is to be more awesome). But my point is, people (and businesses) make mistakes sometimes. But because the Internet is the Internet, it’s one of the worst platforms for people or companies to make mistakes. Ever. Especially if you’re on social [...]

How Brands Can Use Instagram Direct

Sometime last Friday, Instagram introduced a new feature called Instagram Direct. Now, Instagram users can share their private photos and videos directly with their friends – either a specific person or a group of up to 15 people. This gives Instagram’s 150 million users a whole new way to engage with each other, offering a [...]

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