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5 Mobile App KPIs You Should Pay Attention To

Just in case some people are a little behind the rest of the class, KPIs or key performance indicators are a type of performance measurement. They enable an organization to define and measure progress towards its goals. You can also call it KSI (Key Success Indicators), if KPI doesn’t sound sexy enough. The mobile app [...]

How To Make Your Website Mobile Friendly Through Responsive Design

Since iPhone, Android and Blackberry hit the market. Mobile internet browsing has become a massive trend. Everywhere you go you’ll find someone scrolling and tapping away on their phone, grinning like an idiot. Debates and discussions over lunch are super short-lived because some smartass will always pull out their phone to Google shit and prove [...]

Facebook Hashtags – Good News For Brands and Advertisers

If you ask me, Facebook seems to be trying to copy Twitter, if not take it over completely. It’s not just the video for Instagram thing. Facebook also recently introduced hashtags for its users. Twitter didn’t exactly invent the hashtag thing either, but most people online are likely to associate hashtags with them. Twitter hashtags [...]

5 Quick Ways to Get Your Business on Mobile

Did you know that out of the 7 billion people on the planet… 4.5 billion own a mobile phone, but only 4.2 billion own a toothbrush? I’m not sure whether to be disgusted or amused. Both I think. Mobile marketing is seriously the way to go. (As is oral hygiene, but let’s leave that for [...]

Top 5 Myths About Mobile Marketing

Mobile marketing is a pretty new platform to be on, yet it’s growing at a faster rate than any other marketing platform out there. By 2015 mobile Internet is estimated to surpass that of desktop use. So if you’re serious about giving yourself a secondary income stream, or like me, making this your primary one, [...]

Tribeca Film Festival: Award-Winning Vine Videos

The Tribeca Film Festival was founded in 2002 and is renown for being a diverse international film festival that supports both upcoming and established directors. This year they did something really out of the box. I hate using that term “out of the box.” But in truth what Tribeca did is annihilate the box. There [...]

Facebook Home: Turning Your Android Into Some Living Thing

Earlier this month Facebook introduced Home. According to them, it’s a “whole new experience for your phone.” Now why would a phone need a whole new experience? What was its past experience? Is it some kind of living orgasm? Sorry I meant organism. I mean, when I saw the update I couldn’t imagine what they [...]

The 17-Year Old Kid That Sold His App For $30 Million

I wish and wish and wish upon a star that one day random people on the Internet who can’t pronounce my name will write blog posts about me. Nick D’Aloisio. You’ve probably heard of him by now. The 17-year old blew up over the Internet (not literally) this week when it was reported that he [...]

Green App Machine is #1!

As most of you guys already know, I finally launched my very own mobile marketing software, Green App Machine, last week. The past few days have been so hectic, as much as I wanted to update this blog I simply didn’t have a moment of peace. My sincere apologies for that. There are actually so [...]

How to Launch a Mobile App in 12 Minutes

I have a confession to make. My name is Peng Li, and I am addicted to mobile apps. I even have two smartphones with some of the same apps installed in both. A recent online survey found that 50% of people would rather go without sex for a weekend than give up their mobile apps on [...]

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