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Going Viral: Making Awesome Videos

Do you remember this video going around just before Mother’s Day this year? It was posted quietly on YouTube sometime in April, and by the time Mother’s Day came around it was being shared on social media networks everywhere. I have to say, that little twist towards the end had me tearing up a little, [...]

The Top 5 Ways Brands Can Use Instagram Videos

So Facebook announced they’ve added a new feature to their adopted baby called ‘Video on Instagram’.  According to Instagram’s CEO, Kevin Systrom, it’s going to be the same Instagram we know and love, but it moves. This new feature gives Instagram users the ability to create 15-second (the normal length of most ads online), non-looping [...]

Top 10 Tips to Create Engaging Review Videos

I love creating videos.  In the bedroom. Out the bedroom. It’s all good. The tricky part is getting the lighting right… Hang on… what was this post supposed to be about again? Oh yeah. Review videos. The thing about using videos to market products is that you can get a really high ranking very easily [...]

Paid YouTube Channels Launched

Last week the web was abuzz with rumors that YouTube would be launching paid subscriptions. Well it turns out the rumors are true.     A few days ago Google announced they would be introducing paid YouTube channels on a pilot program.  In 2007 the video-sharing giant started their partner program whereby content creators were [...]

Adding Audio and Video to Your Content

Adding audio and video to your website is a great way to make the site interactive and interesting for site visitors. It is an effective method of presenting information in a way that site users cannot easily forget. Make use of YouTube to create and share videos about your business and product offering. YouTube videos [...]

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