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List Building Tips, Part 1

List building is vital for any business establishing an online presence. A list is a compilation of all your prospects’ contact information. It is by developing an excellent list that you will be able to interact personally with your prospects and convert them to long term, profitable buying customers. Here are some best practices for [...]

Mobile E-Mails, Part 3

How To Create A Mobile Friendly Email Design   Use short and simple subject lines as long ones make the content appear to be too much especially on a small screen.   Use 640 pixels or lower for the width of the email. This is the ideal length for most mobile devices and makes it [...]

Mobile E-Mails, Part 2

How To Deal With Different Browsers The trick is to come up with 2 different versions of the emails for example, one optimized for plain text and the other in HTML. Plain text emails: these are simple emails that allow you to format them the way you wish like underlining text, italicizing, holding, using different [...]

Mobile E-Mails, Part 1

Demand for mobile content is on the rise as the mobile masses continue to grow rapidly over the years. Emails today can be used as avenues for promotions, deals, and newsletters thus are very important business tool. Tablet and smartphone users are subjected to a way that they can access their messaging communication from a [...]

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