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All You Need To Know About Bounce Rates

When talking about quality metrics, you’ll almost always hear about bounce rates. Most people out there will tell you that you need to reduce the number of people who bounce off your page, because a high bounce rate is the “kiss of death” on the Internet. Most of the time, this is true. But at [...]

5 Things You Need To Know About Social Proof

Nowadays, most people say that they look at social proof before making the decision to buy. I can’t blame them. Consumers nowadays want to make sure that they don’t make uninformed decisions that might potentially backfire on them. And with the internet at their fingertips, they’re getting more and more informed all the time. Okay, [...]

5 Mobile App KPIs You Should Pay Attention To

Just in case some people are a little behind the rest of the class, KPIs or key performance indicators are a type of performance measurement. They enable an organization to define and measure progress towards its goals. You can also call it KSI (Key Success Indicators), if KPI doesn’t sound sexy enough. The mobile app [...]

How to Keep Track of How Well You Are Doing, Part 2

Sources of traffic: you can determine how people find your site and track the keywords and links that bring people to your webpages. Content information: you can measure how well your content is optimized for the search engines. You can also determine the most popular pages, how people reach these pages and how they exit. [...]

How to Keep Track of How Well You Are Doing, Part 1

Plenty of changes will take place in your online business on a daily basis. New people may visit your site, your social activity will vary from time to time, and different people will click through your ads. To keep track of how well you are doing and how effective your online activities are, you need [...]

Online Partnerships, Part 4

Reward Programs In addition to building partnerships with businesses, you can also engage your target audience, fans and existing customers. One way to do this is through a rewards or loyalty program. An excellent service to use is FanGager, which addresses the need for businesses to identify their greatest fans and how to engage and [...]

Online Partnerships, Part 3

Influencers More and more businesses are seeing the importance of partnering with people such as celebrities, bloggers and journalists who have great social influence online. These influencers can have a great impact on your business when they endorse your brand or spread word of mouth information about your products. An effective tool to use in [...]

Mobile Analytics, Part 2

How To Conduct Mobile Polls And Surveys Text Message Polls: This entails setting up a survey or a voting system that asks users questions through SMS. The system will also provide choices that participants can text back in answering the questions. This system will save the participants’ answers so that you can download and analyze [...]

Mobile Analytics, Part 1

With the increasing usage of mobile devices as well as a growing generation of mobile users who are using their mobile devices for different purposes, marketers cannot afford not to track their mobile marketing campaigns. In an effort to improve users’ experience, marketers have optimized their websites for mobile and have configured emails so users [...]

SMS Marketing, Part 4

How To Collect Data From Your Campaigns Some campaigns are geared specifically to assess your performance as a business. In this regard, using mobile technology offers speedy information in areas such the attributes of subscriber segments, location, and periods with high phone usage activity. This type of information can subsequently be used at peak times [...]

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