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Going Viral: Making Awesome Videos

Do you remember this video going around just before Mother’s Day this year? It was posted quietly on YouTube sometime in April, and by the time Mother’s Day came around it was being shared on social media networks everywhere. I have to say, that little twist towards the end had me tearing up a little, [...]

4 Social Proof Strategies For More Persuasive Marketing

Ever gone out for dinner, only to find a place with a few different restaurants that offer similar food, with similar prices? The only difference between them is that for one restaurant, there’s a long line of people waiting to be seated, while for the others there’s no line. What would you think upon seeing [...]

The 5 Things Every Awesome Story Needs

Ever heard the saying, “Facts tell, stories sell?”  Well, they do. Whether you know it or not, or whether you intended to or not, you’re telling a story in everything that you do to market your business. But that’s okay. Stories are a fundamental part of how we communicate as human beings. By telling someone [...]

Converting Your Visitors: Getting Inside Their Heads

Humans are selfish. Your visitors are selfish. When your visitors visit your webpage, they wish to gain something. They browse through the webpage, the content and then they decide whether the products or services that you are offering are worth their dime or not. “What’s in it for me?”  So ask yourself, “What do my [...]

3 Steps To Becoming Relevant

Ever received a text or email on your smartphone at some ungodly hour telling you to go check out the latest sale/promotion for some product, or offering a coupon for a special discount? Yeah, I figured most people have. You might even be one of the marketers who’s sending those out. Well, I hate to [...]

The 4 Biggest Social Media Stumbling Blocks (And How To Resolve Them)

It’s not easy to consistently succeed when it comes to social media. Even with all the free information online, putting things into practice and actually managing to get engagement isn’t as easy as theory makes it seem. And what works for one business won’t necessarily work for another. So I have compiled a list of [...]

All You Need To Know About The New Facebook “Ask” Button

Facebook’s getting to be a bit of a nosy old biddy… or rather, it’s giving your friends the chance to be one. Just last week, Facebook installed their new “Ask” button, which will allow curious friends to request the actual relationship status of their crushes – or friends who haven’t listed down their relationship status [...]

5 Tricks To Boost Your Email Open Rate

Email marketing has become an essential part of engaging and targeting client and prospects online. In fact, 97% of small businesses use email marketing to connect with their customers, according to eMarketer. However, with so many emails being sent to people’s inboxes, the problem is that your marketing email would literally be one in a [...]

New Twitter Profile Is For Everyone – Like It Or Not

So, Twitter’s announced that whether users like it or not, everyone’s going to have the new Twitter profile by May 28th. This major layout change was announced sometime early last month, and was rolled out for new users, and some existing users as well. The reactions have been pretty mixed so far, but not everyone [...]

5 Reasons To Use Video Email Marketing

Have you been doing email marketing, and wondering if it’s possible to incorporate video content into it, instead of just boring text and pictures all the time? After all, video is currently one of the fastest, most effective marketing mediums. On social media, sharing a video with your followers is a great way to increase [...]

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