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4 Social Proof Strategies For More Persuasive Marketing

Ever gone out for dinner, only to find a place with a few different restaurants that offer similar food, with similar prices? The only difference between them is that for one restaurant, there’s a long line of people waiting to be seated, while for the others there’s no line. What would you think upon seeing [...]

The 5 Things Every Awesome Story Needs

Ever heard the saying, “Facts tell, stories sell?”  Well, they do. Whether you know it or not, or whether you intended to or not, you’re telling a story in everything that you do to market your business. But that’s okay. Stories are a fundamental part of how we communicate as human beings. By telling someone [...]

3 Steps To Becoming Relevant

Ever received a text or email on your smartphone at some ungodly hour telling you to go check out the latest sale/promotion for some product, or offering a coupon for a special discount? Yeah, I figured most people have. You might even be one of the marketers who’s sending those out. Well, I hate to [...]

Facebook’s Newsfeed Algorithm: What’s New

So last Monday, Facebook tweaked its newsfeed algorithm for probably the bazillionth time. What changed, and why?  Well, this time, the changes are apparently to provide its users with better videos on the social media platform. Remember I told you about Facebook’s plans to start rolling out video ads? So now it seems Facebook’s trying [...]

4 Marketing Lessons From The 2014 World Cup

Whether you’re the world’s greatest soccer fan, or someone who doesn’t really care about the game at all, I’m sure you’ll have noticed that it’s currently World Cup season. “For 32 days, the whole world dreams the same dream”, as the Twitter ad goes. Some of you might think I’ve lost it a little. How [...]

Twitter’s Latest GIFt

If you’re a regular Twitter user, you may have realized yesterday that Twitter now allows its users to share and view GIFs. Whether you’re on iPhone, Android, or use the web version of Twitter, you’ll find that GIFs now show up in your timeline with a video-esque Play button, presumably so users can choose to [...]

5 Advanced Tips For Content Promotion

I realize that I say a lot about creating content, but not much about promoting it. Content creation isn’t the end of the line. You want to get your content out there for people to see – and that process is known as content promotion: the act of announcing what your content has to offer, [...]

When Twice Is Better Than Once

Everyone knows that content is king. We’re publishing more and more content every day, to increase engagement, build brand loyalty, increase reach and get more traffic to our websites. As marketers, we take content pretty seriously. Yet still, it turns out we may not be getting everything we can out of the content we create. [...]

How To Create Awesome Copy

When it comes to the secret behind writing good copy, it’s both an art and a science. It requires creativity, a sense of beauty and style, and some degree of special knowledge – hence art. However, good copywriting also requires tests, trial and failure, improvements, breakthroughs and predictability. Therefore, science. It is this mix of [...]

4 Content Marketing Ideas For Vine

With all the photo/video sharing apps out there today, Twitter’s Vine – launched last year in January – has almost (but not quite) been forgotten. Despite facing competition from Instagram and other emerging platforms like Snapchat, Vine still managed to be one of the most popular apps of 2013, and brands are still using it [...]

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