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4 Social Proof Strategies For More Persuasive Marketing

Ever gone out for dinner, only to find a place with a few different restaurants that offer similar food, with similar prices? The only difference between them is that for one restaurant, there’s a long line of people waiting to be seated, while for the others there’s no line. What would you think upon seeing [...]

Why Bloggers Are Better Than Celebrity Spokespeople

If there’s one thing I’ve come to realize after all these years, it’s that if a product is really strong, it doesn’t need a celebrity to sell it to customers. Celebrity endorsements are commonly used to enhance a brand’s visibility, but a recent study from the University of Colorado has discovered that for small business, [...]

John Chow in the House Yo!

If you’ve always dreamed of making money online, you must have heard of John Chow. Well, if you haven’t (and I’m shaking my head while I’m typing this), you will want to check out John’s blog at JohnChow[dot]com. He’s been voted 2012 Best Affiliate Marketing Blog and has a pretty awesome detailed blog showing people [...]

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