I didn’t always have it easy. When I studied civil engineering in Sydney, I expected to get a job immediately when I returned home (amid wild, crazed fanfare!).

Cue the 1997 economy crash which basically wiped out all my savings (lesson learned, just say NO to speculative stocks!) and I returned home, degree in one hand, couple of bucks in the other.

Getting a job sucked… My job sucked… My boss sucked. I’m guessing you can already tell I didn’t really enjoy what I did. Different jobs, different pay grade but somehow, I always felt something was missing.

Working myself to the bone so others could get rich just didn’t seem like my idea of fun.

And what’s worse, I had a habit.

No it wasn’t women, drugs, gambling or booze (ok, maybe a little of booze)…

But my habit was gadgets. I loved gadgets. And I always needed the newest and coolest.

I spent loads on them… and I always remember fondly my first (you ALWAYS remember your first!)

The Palm Pilot V

Then along came the Treo, O2, etc etc…

And just when you thought it couldn’t get any worse, they come out with the iPhone… then the iPad and I just needed to get them all.

Heck, at this point in time, here’s some of the stuff I have…


Three smartphones (because I just can’t decide which is perfect for me), three cameras (though I’ve realized bigger isn’t always better!), iPad, Macbook, Ipod, etc etc…

Yeah, I’m a gadget maniac.

But back to the story…

So to fulfill this urge, I resorted to looking for ways to make an alternative income. One which would help sustain this lifestyle.

There were plenty of misses. Direct sales, Multi Level Marketing schemes, the list was endless.

And I was almost about to resign to fate, about to give in to the 9 to 6 daily grind.

But then…

I decided to try my hand at Internet Marketing. Teamed with my brother Peng Joon, we worked on a few projects together and as fate would have it, we hit a jackpot.

Leveraging on an affiliate program called Clickbank, we created a guide to playing the game Farmville and it became one of the top 3 bestsellers in the marketplace.

Buoyed by our success, we kept learning and applying new techniques to our products and started exploring new niches… like the make money online niche.

Which brings me to my blog.

This blog documents everything which I’ll be learning, everything which I’ll be doing and also covering all our launches (and some personal stuff as well).

Are you ready for one heck of a roller coaster ride? Then, LET’S ROCK!



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