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The 5 Things Every Awesome Story Needs

Ever heard the saying, “Facts tell, stories sell?”  Well, they do. Whether you know it or not, or whether you intended to or not, you’re telling a story in everything that you do to market your business. But that’s okay. Stories are a fundamental part of how we communicate as human beings. By telling someone [...]

4 Ways That Marketers Can Use Foursquare

I have to admit, I never thought that Foursquare was particularly useful or interesting. A few of my coworkers used the app, but that was it. There didn’t seem anything too great about it – not even when one of them apparently checked in enough times to become “mayor” of the office. Woohoo. Plus, it [...]

Converting Your Visitors: Getting Inside Their Heads

Humans are selfish. Your visitors are selfish. When your visitors visit your webpage, they wish to gain something. They browse through the webpage, the content and then they decide whether the products or services that you are offering are worth their dime or not. “What’s in it for me?”  So ask yourself, “What do my [...]

3 Steps To Becoming Relevant

Ever received a text or email on your smartphone at some ungodly hour telling you to go check out the latest sale/promotion for some product, or offering a coupon for a special discount? Yeah, I figured most people have. You might even be one of the marketers who’s sending those out. Well, I hate to [...]

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