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All You Need To Know About The New Facebook “Ask” Button

Facebook’s getting to be a bit of a nosy old biddy… or rather, it’s giving your friends the chance to be one. Just last week, Facebook installed their new “Ask” button, which will allow curious friends to request the actual relationship status of their crushes – or friends who haven’t listed down their relationship status [...]

5 Tricks To Boost Your Email Open Rate

Email marketing has become an essential part of engaging and targeting client and prospects online. In fact, 97% of small businesses use email marketing to connect with their customers, according to eMarketer. However, with so many emails being sent to people’s inboxes, the problem is that your marketing email would literally be one in a [...]

New Twitter Profile Is For Everyone – Like It Or Not

So, Twitter’s announced that whether users like it or not, everyone’s going to have the new Twitter profile by May 28th. This major layout change was announced sometime early last month, and was rolled out for new users, and some existing users as well. The reactions have been pretty mixed so far, but not everyone [...]

5 Reasons To Use Video Email Marketing

Have you been doing email marketing, and wondering if it’s possible to incorporate video content into it, instead of just boring text and pictures all the time? After all, video is currently one of the fastest, most effective marketing mediums. On social media, sharing a video with your followers is a great way to increase [...]

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