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How to Deal With The New Facebook Algorithm

I know I recently did a post on Facebook, but in light of recent news, I thought I’d do a quick post on it again. Last Tuesday, Facebook tweaked their news feed algorithm yet again, adding yet another headache for brands in the process. From now on, they’re going to start showing more text status [...]

Is Your Brand Too Boring?

We know that social media is probably the greatest tool ever when it comes to marketing your business online. However, some brands would argue that they can’t use social media, because: “My business is serious, boring stuff. I don’t think it’s suited for social media.” I’ll beg to differ. Traditional businesses can also find their [...]

How To Handle Facebook Page Trolls

Now, nobody’s perfect. Not even me (which is why my resolution for this year is to be more awesome). But my point is, people (and businesses) make mistakes sometimes. But because the Internet is the Internet, it’s one of the worst platforms for people or companies to make mistakes. Ever. Especially if you’re on social [...]

How to Make Money in a Gold Rush

Ever wondered why so many people get into Internet marketing, and then end up selling systems that teach people how to get into Internet marketing? Think about it – there’s certainly no shortage of products out there on teaching people “How To Make Money Online”. There’s a reason for this. I’m sure you’ve heard of [...]

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