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All You Need To Know About Bounce Rates

When talking about quality metrics, you’ll almost always hear about bounce rates. Most people out there will tell you that you need to reduce the number of people who bounce off your page, because a high bounce rate is the “kiss of death” on the Internet. Most of the time, this is true. But at [...]

Why Nobody Follows You On Twitter

One thing about Twitter – out of all the social media platforms, Twitter is one of the hardest to figure out. If you’re on Twitter and you’d like to use it to build yourself a following, well, it’s not easy, especially if you’re new and have no idea what to do to get started. If [...]

5 Ways To Rebrand Using Social Media

Has your business changed since you started out? Is it time for you to consider a rebrand in order to help your brand to stay relevant? Or do you already have a brand image, but feel it’s time for your company to go in another direction? Like what Microsoft Explorer did for their Internet Explorer [...]

Why Mobile Advertising Is A Pain

Mobile advertising is really just a pain in the you-know-where for marketers sometimes. You’d think mobile advertising should be a marketer’s dream come true. You get the ability to connect with people effectively, in real time, wherever they happen to be. The typical mobile user checks his phone 150 times a day and the average [...]

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