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Web Design Trends That Suck

Some web design trends just make no sense to me. Despite the fact that they inhibit usability and cause conversion rates to drop like a rock, somehow, they still get popular, and every website out there wants to use those designs. It’s like spicy ice cream, or #hashtags #on #facebook. But just because a design [...]

Social Media Fails Brands Should Avoid

I keep telling people that when it comes to social media, you need to engage with your customers and be aware of current events. From a marketing perspective it seems like a good idea to use things like local holidays or current events to encourage more real-time engagement with your customers, doesn’t it? But not [...]

My Weekend With Joel Bauer

Last weekend was so epic that I almost didn’t notice the rest of this week pass by. Well, not that Tuesday wasn’t equally awesome – but let’s not jump ahead. See, what happened was that I went to Taylor’s University, to attend a seminar by the amazing Master of Persuasion himself, Joel Bauer. The man [...]

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