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5 Mobile App KPIs You Should Pay Attention To

Just in case some people are a little behind the rest of the class, KPIs or key performance indicators are a type of performance measurement. They enable an organization to define and measure progress towards its goals. You can also call it KSI (Key Success Indicators), if KPI doesn’t sound sexy enough. The mobile app [...]

Social Media Strategies To Triple Your ROI

Social Media Strategies To Triple Your ROI If you’ve been resisting social media, I think it’s about time you put away your objections and start Tweeting. Get a Facebook account. Get on LinkedIn, Pinterest, and awesome shit like that. Because a recent study by the Internet Advertising Bureau has found that social media marketing gives [...]

6 Tips to Increase Your Facebook EdgeRank

You may not have heard of EdgeRank before. You know how when you do a Google search, Google sorts through the list of websites and only displays the top sites on the front page of search results? Well, Facebook does the same thing with posts on your newsfeed, but it’s called EdgeRank. An “Edge” just [...]

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