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Facebook – Tips To Leveraging Photo Comments

Not sure if you noticed, but a couple of months ago, Facebook introduced photo comments for profiles, giving its users the ability to reply to comments with photos instead of just text. Before that, all you could do was post a link to an image and Facebook would show the image as a thumbnail. Not [...]

How To Make Your Website Mobile Friendly Through Responsive Design

Since iPhone, Android and Blackberry hit the market. Mobile internet browsing has become a massive trend. Everywhere you go you’ll find someone scrolling and tapping away on their phone, grinning like an idiot. Debates and discussions over lunch are super short-lived because some smartass will always pull out their phone to Google shit and prove [...]

Sharing on Social Media – Why and How

People share stuff on social media. It’s not exactly a new idea. Even before we had Facebook, Twitter and the like, people shared ideas and information, thoughts and stories. Now we have social media, we just get to share different things that we like more often, more quickly, and with more people at the same [...]

Facebook Hashtags – Good News For Brands and Advertisers

If you ask me, Facebook seems to be trying to copy Twitter, if not take it over completely. It’s not just the video for Instagram thing. Facebook also recently introduced hashtags for its users. Twitter didn’t exactly invent the hashtag thing either, but most people online are likely to associate hashtags with them. Twitter hashtags [...]

5 Tips to Make Money through Pinterest

A few months back I wrote a post on generating traffic through Pinterest. I got a lot of feedback so I thought I’d take today to bring you tips on how to make money with it as well. “Kill two birds with one stone” What a violent saying. Anyway, affiliate marketing and Pinterest aren’t usually [...]

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