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The Top 5 Ways Brands Can Use Instagram Videos

So Facebook announced they’ve added a new feature to their adopted baby called ‘Video on Instagram’.  According to Instagram’s CEO, Kevin Systrom, it’s going to be the same Instagram we know and love, but it moves. This new feature gives Instagram users the ability to create 15-second (the normal length of most ads online), non-looping [...]

5 Quick Ways to Get Your Business on Mobile

Did you know that out of the 7 billion people on the planet… 4.5 billion own a mobile phone, but only 4.2 billion own a toothbrush? I’m not sure whether to be disgusted or amused. Both I think. Mobile marketing is seriously the way to go. (As is oral hygiene, but let’s leave that for [...]

Top 10 Tips to Create Engaging Review Videos

I love creating videos.  In the bedroom. Out the bedroom. It’s all good. The tricky part is getting the lighting right… Hang on… what was this post supposed to be about again? Oh yeah. Review videos. The thing about using videos to market products is that you can get a really high ranking very easily [...]

5 Tips to Drive Traffic to Your Website With Twitter

Most of us would probably know that when it comes to getting traffic for your website or blog, social media is a pretty decent way to generate attention and bring people to view your page. After all, who doesn’t have at least a Facebook account these days? (And probably accounts on at least three other [...]

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