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Top 5 Myths About Mobile Marketing

Mobile marketing is a pretty new platform to be on, yet it’s growing at a faster rate than any other marketing platform out there. By 2015 mobile Internet is estimated to surpass that of desktop use. So if you’re serious about giving yourself a secondary income stream, or like me, making this your primary one, [...]

4 Ways to Use the New Facebook Cover Photos

Facebook’s Timeline was first introduced in February 2012 along with very strict rules for cover photos on business pages. The restrictions included no calls to action, no contact info, no price or purchase info and no references to Facebook features. Businesses were pretty much left with just an image. However Facebook has changed its mind [...]

Paid YouTube Channels Launched

Last week the web was abuzz with rumors that YouTube would be launching paid subscriptions. Well it turns out the rumors are true.     A few days ago Google announced they would be introducing paid YouTube channels on a pilot program.  In 2007 the video-sharing giant started their partner program whereby content creators were [...]

How to Avoid Getting Hacked on Twitter

If you follow E! on Twitter then you’ll be aware that their account was hacked last Saturday. I have to admit that I was amused. And I lolled. Then I lolled again when the real E! tweeted this: “Some incorrect information”, but the rest was true… Ok, back to being serious. The Syrian Electronic Army [...]

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