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Tribeca Film Festival: Award-Winning Vine Videos

The Tribeca Film Festival was founded in 2002 and is renown for being a diverse international film festival that supports both upcoming and established directors. This year they did something really out of the box. I hate using that term “out of the box.” But in truth what Tribeca did is annihilate the box. There [...]

How to Drive Traffic Using Pinterest

Pinterest is a huge. Did you know that Pinterest drives more referral traffic than YouTube, LinkedIn and Google+ combined? Now that’s an impressive stat. With 25 million members, Pinterest averages 10 million unique users a month. The vast majority of whom are young, well-educated, working women. The reason why this is paramount is because chicks [...]

Facebook Home: Turning Your Android Into Some Living Thing

Earlier this month Facebook introduced Home. According to them, it’s a “whole new experience for your phone.” Now why would a phone need a whole new experience? What was its past experience? Is it some kind of living orgasm? Sorry I meant organism. I mean, when I saw the update I couldn’t imagine what they [...]

Two Weeks into IM John Chow

So it’s been nearly two weeks since the mega launch of IM John Chow.  For those of you that have been hiding under a rock all this while, IM John Chow is  the latest collaboration between super blogger John Chow and my kid brother Peng Joon. It’s an extensive video course that was designed for [...]

How to Build Your Email List Through Facebook

The money is in the list. Yes it is. That’s where mine is. Now every so often I hear people discussing email marketing vs social media marketing. As if they’re completely exclusive to one another and you have to choose. They ask me which one is better, which one they should pursue, which one makes [...]

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