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How to Keep Track of How Well You Are Doing, Part 1

Plenty of changes will take place in your online business on a daily basis. New people may visit your site, your social activity will vary from time to time, and different people will click through your ads. To keep track of how well you are doing and how effective your online activities are, you need [...]

Online Partnerships, Part 4

Reward Programs In addition to building partnerships with businesses, you can also engage your target audience, fans and existing customers. One way to do this is through a rewards or loyalty program. An excellent service to use is FanGager, which addresses the need for businesses to identify their greatest fans and how to engage and [...]

Online Partnerships, Part 3

Influencers More and more businesses are seeing the importance of partnering with people such as celebrities, bloggers and journalists who have great social influence online. These influencers can have a great impact on your business when they endorse your brand or spread word of mouth information about your products. An effective tool to use in [...]

Online Partnerships, Part 2

Affiliates As your online business grows, consider creating an affiliate-marketing program. This approach will enable you to collaborate with professional marketers who will promote and market your product offering. Affiliate marketing enables you to expand your brand’s online presence by working with affiliates who operate niche sites that attract a specific market. Affiliation can be [...]

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