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Online Partnerships, Part 1

Working with meaningful partners is the cornerstone of business success. As you grow your online presence, you will find that partnering with other businesses and individuals makes operating your own business much easier. With partnerships, you will learn new ways of managing a profitable business and you will be exposed to even greater opportunities. Here [...]

Online Advertising, Part 2

Daily Offers Daily offers can be an effective method of advertising and attracting customers to your new business. These programs enable you to offer discounted deals in return for exposure and promising customers or subscribers. Some of the most popular daily offers programs are: Groupon: offers unique deals in that for an offer to become [...]

Online Advertising, Part 1

After bringing your business online, you need to advertise your product and service offering to your target audience. One advantage of online advertising is that is does not have to cost you too much if you do it strategically and from a point of knowledge. You have access to numerous platforms that allow you to [...]

Google+ Local, Part 5

  Google Places Backend Currently Remains Unchanged Google+ Local pages are indexed currently by the search engines. The G+ Local page will be replacing the Google Places pages on the main website. Don’t expect sweeping changes. Google Places and Google Maps will still be indexed based on previous placement, but future placement will be determined [...]

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