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Google+ Local, Part 4

What Else Is On the Google Local Page? Scrolling to the bottom of the page will reveal a variety of features on the Google+ Local page. Here are the main ones to consider: a) a list of Zagat Users who have supplied reviews of their own b) reviews from other search engine competitors such as [...]

Google+ Local, Part 3

What Has Google Accomplished? a) Google Places is now Google+ Local or Google Local b) Integration of Zagat Reviews c) A new Local tab in Google + was added d) Circles and Friend Reviews through G+ Filters e) One easy to use and easy to manage platform across G+, Google Search, Maps and Mobile What [...]

Google+ Local, Part 2

What Is Different? You can still list your business for free by going to On the Google Places page you will see the option ‘Choose the right places with Google + and Zagat’ right above the description ‘Reviews from people you know and scores and summaries from Zagat’. Right below there is a box [...]

Google+ Local, Part 1

80 million online business owners signed into Google recently to discover that overnight they have become part of Google+ Local. If you have a Google Places account or you are a Local Business there is something you need to know. From now on whenever you think ‘Google Places’, you need to substitute the phrase with [...]

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