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List Building Tips, Part 1

List building is vital for any business establishing an online presence. A list is a compilation of all your prospects’ contact information. It is by developing an excellent list that you will be able to interact personally with your prospects and convert them to long term, profitable buying customers. Here are some best practices for [...]

Types Of Websites, Part 2

4. Services Creating a site that offers services is similar to creating other websites. However, you are not displaying products, but advertising what you can do. As such, your website content should tell customers that you have the expertise to meet their needs and that you are flexible enough to deliver personalized results. Service based [...]

Types Of Websites, Part 1

  1. Ecommerce You can create your own ecommerce store using some of the tools indicated above such as Dreamweaver and WordPress among others. You may also choose to create a store with eBay or Amazon. For your site to come alive, you require a web-host to host the site. Next, find a shopping cart [...]

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