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Building Your Website, Part 5

Payment PayPal: is the most preferred system payment system for Internet marketers and online businesses. It is easy to set up and it easy to access the money that you receive in your account from customers. However, the company has a long list of stringent rules that can see your account closed down if you [...]

Building Your Website, Part 4

Dreamweaver: is the most popular web-authoring program for building websites. Here are the basic steps for setting up a website using this application: Step 1: Install and start your Dreamweaver. Then, define the site by selecting ‘Site’ and then clicking on the ‘New Site’ tab. This will enable the Site Definition window to appear; click [...]

Building Your Website, Part 3

WordPress Plugins To Consider: 1. Theme Customization: (free) or StudioPress (paid) 2. SEO Optimization: All In One SEO The WordPress SEO plug-in allows you to automatically optimize your website for the major search engines. This free tool includes: a. Support for customized posts b. Google Analytics integration into your website c. The use of [...]

Building Your Website, Part 2

Here are the steps to take in creating a website on Step 1: Use an Internet browser to log into the platform. Then, click on the ‘New Post’ option at the right hand side of the interface. Then, select to create a ‘New Page’. Step 2: Use the editor to create content [...]

Building Your Website, Part 1

Here is how you can get started building your website: Using templates offered by web hosts is one of the easiest ways to build your website. XSitepro is one of the most used site builders due to its ease of use. It is designed primarily for Internet marketers to make the creation of a website [...]

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